Published: Friday 28 July, 2017

LOOK Ahron Villena Photo Scandal on Instagram Story: Intentional or Accidental?

Ahron Villena stunned his followers when he posted a nude photo of himself on Instagram. Was the Ahron Villena scandal photo on Instagram story posted accidentally or did the actor do it on purpose?

Ahron Villena Instagram photo scandal

Ahron Villena Instagram photo scandal: What was his intention in giving netizens a full view of his naked glory? (Instagram)

There he was in all his naked glory, with his manhood peeking in the corner of the frame. But as quickly as Ahron’s scandal photo appeared, so did it disappear after the actor deleted it after just a few minutes. By that time, however, quick-thinking netizens have already downloaded the photo. Now, it’s all over social media, if you know where to look.

Ahron Villena Instagram photo scandal