Published: Sunday 14 January, 2018

Alleged Migz Haleco Scandal Photos: Former Himig Handog Singer Pics Real?

Are the scandal photos of Migz Haleco for real? Allegedly. The former Himig Handog singer is the latest celeb with alleged scandal photos emerging on social media. And just as his career seems to be taking off (no pun intended).

Migs Haleco scandal

Migz Haleco scandal photos have emerged on social media: Are they real?

Migz Haleco may not yet be a household name but he already has a following. Signed by Star Music last year, Migz is said to be working on his new album.

Last year, he was part of Himig Handog, where he interpreted the Eric de Leon composition ‘Bes’. Migz was also part of TV5’s Talentadong Pinoy a couple of years back.

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How will the emergence of his alleged scandal photos affect the career of Migz Haleco? Will it help, because as they say in showbiz, good or bad publicity is still publicity.

Of course, we cannot post the actual scandal photos here. But if you know where to look online, you will find it easily. Here’s a teaser…

Migz Haleco scandal photos