Published: Wednesday 22 March, 2017

Alleged Pinoy Boyband Markus Paterson Photo Scandal Finally Revealed

A new photo scandal has emerged. An alleged photo of Pinoy Boyband contestant Markus Peterson with a closeup of his manhood is making the round on social media. Is it really Markus Paterson? You be the judge.

Markus Paterson Photo Scandal

Markus Paterson Photo Scandal: the aspiring singer during his Pinoy Boyband Superstar days. (ABS CBN)

The Markus Paterson photo scandal actually came out even before the Bernard Palanca scandal. Paterson’s alleged photo, blurred for modesty and to hide his identity, first came out on FashionPulis but nobody could correctly guess who it was, although FashionPulis gave the clue MP on its title.

Now, the unedited version of the scandal photo has emerged and it really looks like Markus Paterson.

Markus Paterson Photo Scandal

The alleged Markus Paterson scandal photo. is it really the former Pinoy Boyband contestant?