Published: Friday 09 March, 2018

Atio Castillo’s Mom Wants Other Aegis Juris Frat Members Charged Too

The fight for justice for Atio Castillo will continue. This according to his mom, Carmina, who vowed that ALL those guilty in their son’s hazing death will ‘get their fair share of justice’, even those who were already cleared by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Atio Castillo mom statement

The parents of Atio Castillo, Carmina and Horacio Jr., during the Senate hearing last year. (Rappler image)

The statement from Atio Castillo’s mom comes after the DOJ found probable cause to charge Aegis Juris Fraternity members. On Thursday, the DOJ announced the indictment of 10 fraternity members for violation of the Anti-Hazing Law, and another for perjury and obstruction of justice.

The indictment was based on the statement of another Aegis Juris Fraternity member, Mark Ventura, who has turned state witness. Ventura, who was present during the hazing of Horacio Castillo III but did not participate, named all the frat members who were involved in the hazing.

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According to the DOJ, the following are guilty of violating the Anti-Hazing Law resulting in the death of Castillo. No bail was recommended for them.

Arvin Balag
Ralph Trangia
Oliver John Audrey Onofre
Mhin Wei Chan
Axel Munro Hipe
Edril Pilapil
Danielle Hans Matthew Rodrigo
Joshua Joriel Macabali
Marcelino Bagtang
Jose Miguel Salamat
Robin Ramos

On the other hand, John Paul Solano will be charged with perjury and obstruction of justice for issuing two affidavits on his whereabouts and participation in the case.

Meanwhile, the DOJ cleared Aegis Juris members Jason Adolfo Robinos, Aeron Salientes, Ranie Rafael Santiago, Zimon Pedro, Alex Bose, Leo Lalusis, Lennert Bryan Galicia, Nathan Anarna, Chuck Siazar and Karl Matthew Villanueva for lack of evidence.

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But while they are happy with the indictment of the 10, Carmina Castillo said they will not stop until all those who are guilty are prosecuted.

“Those others who were named but not included will eventually fall. We know that they are guilty. Rest assured we will not stop until everybody involved in this crime will get their fair share of justice,” said Atio’s mom in a statement, as quoted by Rappler.

“Clearly this shows this fraternity has been practicing a culture of death. They made a mockery of our legal system. We would like to reiterate that no body is above the law.”

Mrs. Castillo did not directly name who she was referring to but it may include some, if not all, of those already cleared by the DOJ.