Published: Wednesday 18 October, 2017

Why Baron Geisler Remains in Jail Despite Having a Bailable Offense

Baron Geisler is still in jail. The actor was arrested and detained on Monday night after being unruly inside a resto bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. But more than 24 hours after his arrest, Baron is still in jail and unable to post bail despite having a bailable offense.

Baron Geisler in jail

Baron Geisler is still in jail and unable to post bail. (Boy Santos/PhilStar)

Management of the unnamed resto bar have filed charges of unjust vexation and alarm & scandal against Baron Geisler after becoming ‘violent’ Monday night. Geisler was allowed entry into the bar despite having been banned before. The staff said Geisler seemed calm so they let him in. However, after having drinks, the old Baron Geisler showed up again.

The actor allegedly shouted at the staff and customers, and this prompted management to call the police.

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On Tuesday, Baron underwent inquest proceedings. According to ABS CBN News, the prosecutor found enough evidence to charge him with unjust vexation and alarm and scandal. However, despite being bailable offenses, Baron could not post bail.

Authorities found out that the controversial actor has a standing warrant of arrest in Cebu for smoking inside an airplane! Thus, he remains detained.

Baron Geisler jail

Meanwhile, his family has apologized for their sibling’s behavior. In an interview, his older brother Don Geisler said their family is trying to deal with Baron’s problem and discussing what steps to take. They plan to talk to Baron to ask him what his plans are, whether he would want to go to rehabilitation to deal with his alcohol problems.

“So it would all depend on him, what’s choice, we’re all gonna be here whatever decision he makes. Pero we’re hoping decides on what could also help him,” said Don. “It’s a hard situation rin to discuss with him, kasi no matter how we try to ask him to get help with regards to [rehabilitation], parang for me, we want him to really to want it also, to get the help.”

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The actor has repeatedly been involved in brawls, altercations and conflicts, all of which while he is under the influence of alcohol. Geisler underwent rehabilitation in the past but to no avail.

“It’s been difficult for him, he’s alone now, my mom has passed away. Medyo it’s something new to him, he still has to accept and deal with it eventually,” said Don, noting that Baron is having a hard time dealing with their mother’s death last January.