Published: Sunday 04 March, 2018

Baron Geisler’s Sister Clarifies ‘Conflict’ Over Mother’s Insurance Claim

Grace Geisler Morales, Baron’s sister, took to social media to shed light on recent events about her brother. According to Baron Geisler’s sister, it was the actor who barged into her house drunk and this may have led to the fight with her husband which left Baron badly bruised.

Baron Geisler

Baron Geisler’s sister claims he barged into her house drunk. (Facebook screen grab/Baron Geisler)

On Saturday, Baron Geisler posted a photo of himself with a bloodied face and a black eye, and said he was beaten up by his brother-in-law. The controversial actor, who has been involved in a number of fights before while under the influence of alcohol, also posted a supposed-to-be confidential document from the police requesting for medical examination. 

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Grace Geisler Morales said in one of her replies to Baron’s post that her brother is beyond redemption. She also told Baron that she will only to talk to him when he is sober. And, in a message to followers of Baron’s social media page, Morales told netizens to refrain from commenting on the the issue.

We also learned from the series of posts that the conflict stems from the insurance claim of their mother’s estate. (All images below from Baron Geisler Facebook page via FashionPulis)

Baron Geisler mother insurance

Baron Geisler sister

Baron Geisler sister Grace Morales

Baron Geisler mother insurance claim

Baron Geisler insurance claim USA