Published: Wednesday 21 June, 2017

BDO Starts Roll-out of EMV ATM Card Replacement to Boost Security

BDO clients have started getting their ATM Debit  cards with EMV chip. If you’re a BDO account holder and you still haven’t received your new EMV-enabled ATM cards, you will receive a text message from the bank that your ATM Debit card is ready for pickup at your branch soon. The new ATM cards are free of charge.


Card equipped with the EMV chip are believed to be more secure than the traditional magnetic stripe cards currently in use.

To recall, The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) issued an order that all bank cards should be EMV chip enabled by January 1, 2017. However, many card holders still didn’t have their cards replaced by that deadline for one reason or another. Either some banks have failed to comply or account holders didn’t have the time to go to their branch to have their cards replaced.

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My case is the latter. I didn’t have time to have my card replaced. However, I received a text message from BDO informing me that the new ATM card was ready for pickup this week. And when I went to my branch, it was indeed. There are only a few forms to sign and my new ATM card with EMV chip was ready.


The account number is the same but the card number is different. And you have to input a new PIN before you can use it.