Published: Saturday 03 March, 2018

LOOK Bloodied Baron Geisler Allegedly Beaten Up by Brother-in-Law

A close-up photo of a bloodied and badly-bruised face greeted followers of Baron Geisler on Instagram. Baron posted the photo after allegedly getting beaten up by his brother-in-law. Not everyone was sympathetic of Geisler’s condition, however.

Baron Geisler beaten up

This time, it’s Baron Geisler who was beaten up! (Instagram/Baron Geisler)

With a nasty cut on his eye brow and a bruised eye, Baron Geisler hinted that the violence may have been due to money. He didn’t elaborate, though. Nor did Baron identify his assailant by name. All he said was that it was his ‘bayaw’ (brother-in-law).

“What to do? Break in and bugbug by family. Wow. Still forgive them. Pera pera pag alana si mama,” he wrote in the caption.

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Geisler likewise posted a photo of a request for a medical certification from the Angeles City Police though the document is marked ‘Confidential’. According to the request, the incident occurred between 2:00 to 3:00 AM of Saturday.

While some followers showed support for the controversial actor, others even blamed Baron Geisler.

What goes around, come around?