Published: Sunday 11 February, 2018

Duterte Will Close ‘Cesspool’ Boracay in 6 Months if Pollution Goes Unabated

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to clean up Boracay in six months or else it will be closed. Yes, Duterte will close down Boracay, which he described as a ‘cesspool’.

Boracay closed down by Duterte

Pollution is slowly killing Boracay and if this is not solved in 6 months, Dutetre will close the island! (ABS CBN News image)

Boracay is a top tourist destination in the Philippines for its powdery white sand beaches and azure waters. And this are exactly what over population and negligence over the years has been slowly destroying. 

“During days when I was there, garbage was just 20 meters away from the beach. At a distance, you see cotton balls in Boracay, [which] is a white sand,” Duterte said at the Manila Times Business Forum in Davao City on Friday.

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“But you go into the water, it’s smelly. Smell of what? Shit! Because everything that goes out in Boracay… it’s destroying the environment or the Republic of the Philippines and creating a disaster coming,” the president added.

The sewerage and sanitation problems have been blamed on a number of things, ranging from businesses directly wastewater into the sea, poor management of the sanitation system, and over population.

“There will be a time that no more foreigner will go there because he will have — when he goes back to the plane to where he belongs, he will be full of s*** going back and forth to the restroom,” said Duterte.

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