Published: Sunday 20 August, 2017

Boy Wearing Headphones Crushed to Death by PNR Train at Vito Cruz Crossing

Here’s another accident that exposes the dangers of wearing headphones in the streets. A Grade 10 student was killed when he was run over by a Philippine National Railways train in Vito Cruz on Friday, August 18. The victim was wearing headphones.

PNR train accident

PNR train runs over boy wearing headphones. (YouTube screen grab)

According to the Inquirer, Joseph Punar walked on the PNR tracks at Vito Cruz crossing oblivious to the approaching train. Though the the barrier was down, Punar still crossed the tracks.

According to witnesses, the boy saw the approaching southbound train so he walked on the northbound tracks. he must have thought there was only one train approaching. He didn’t see there was also a northbound train coming.

“Nakita niya ho ‘yong tren. Siguro dahil nakababa na ang barera, akala niya ‘yon lang tren na southbound ang pagdating. Eh hindi niya alam na may northbound na tren,” said a PNR official as quoted by the Inquirer.

Because he was wearing headphones, Joseph Punar didn’t hear the warning shout of people around the area.

The victim died on the spot.