Published: Thursday 15 March, 2018

Bugoy Cariño & Jon Lucas Suspended from Hashtags, It’s Showtime

Indefinite suspension, that’s the reason why Jon Lucas and Bugoy Cariño have not been seen on It’s Showtime for quite a while. However, the reason for the indefinite suspension of the two Hashtags members remains a mystery. Could it be due to the pregnancy rumors hounding Bugoy and Jon?

Bugoy Carino Jon Lucas

Why are Jon Lucas & Bugoy Cariño suspended indefinitely from It’s Showtime & Hashtags?

The indefinite suspension from It’s Showtime and Hashtags was confirmed by Jameson Blake. In an interview with PEP in the set of Home Sweetie Home, Jameson revealed the reason why Bugoy Cariño and Jon Lucas have been absent from the noontime show for several weeks now. Blake, however, would not say why, claiming he does not know.

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“Well, I can only say that they’re on indefinite suspension… indefinite suspension,” said Jameson as quoted by PEP.

It will be recalled that both Bugoy and Jon have been hounded by pregnancy rumors recently. According to the grapevine, volleyball player EJ Laure is pregnant and Bugoy is the baby daddy. Meanwhile, Jon is said to have impregnated an unnamed girl.

EJ Laure has already denied the rumor. And, for their part, though they did not deny the rumors outright, both Jon and Bugoy posted cryptic messages on social media that seem to deny the allegations.

So, why were they suspended indefinitely? Let’s wait and see. The truth will come out sooner or later.