Published: Wednesday 12 July, 2017

WATCH Angel’s Pizza Store Crew Fight Back, Foil Armed Robbery by Soldier

A soldier tried to rob an Angel’s Pizza store at gunpoint in Quezon City on Monday. He thought it would be an easy heist. However, the crew on duty at Angel’s Pizza had other ideas as they fought back and overpowered the robber. And it was all caught on CCTV video.

angel's pizza store robbery

Suspect pulling out a gun at the Angel’s Pizza store in Quezon City. (QCPD photo)

Sgt. Ventura Ramirez Jr., who worked for the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP), walked into the Angel’s Pizza branch on Kalayaan Avenue with only one thing in mind. And it was not to order pizza. Casually, he took out a gun from his bag and declared a robbery.

Still wearing his helmet, Ramirez thought he would get away with it. But the crew fought back. CCTV video shows two crew members wrestling with Ramirez. Seconds later, another crew member entered camera range and helped in overpowering Ramirez.

The end result – the would-be robber was arrested. But not before he was beaten up by the Angel’s Pizza crew.

BTW, what the crew did was not standard practice. Being a fast food veteran myself, we were always taught not to resist under such circumstances, especially when there is already a firearm involved.

No amount of money is more important that human life.