Published: Monday 07 August, 2017

COMELEC Chief Andres Bautista Ill-Gotten Wealth Scandal Exposed by Wife

An ill-gotten wealth scandal unfolded Monday morning. The Andres Bautista ill-gotten wealth allegation comes from Bautista’s estranged wife, Patricia Paz Bautista, who says she had no knowledge of her husband’s alleged properties and money until recently.

Andres Bautista ill-gotten wealth

The alleged Andres Bautista ill-gotten wealth was exposed by his estranged wife, Patricia Paz Bautista. (Joel Liporada photo/Rappler)

In her affidavit submitted to the NBI on August 1, Mrs. Patricia Paz Bautista said she discovered that Comelec chairman Andres Bautista has almost P1 billion in ill-gotten wealth. She said she discovered these in bank passbooks and other documents listing money and properties in her husband’s name and some relatives.

One of the properties she allegedly discovered was a condominium unit in San Francisco, California. Mrs. Bautista said she didn’t know they have the said property.

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It was also learned that before going to the NBI, Mrs. Patricia Paz Bautista had a private meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte wherein she detailed what she discovered about her husband. She says the properties and money she discovered were not included in the Comelec chairman’s SALN and this may be grounds for his impeachment.

Department of Justice secretary Vitaliano Aguirre has already ordered the NBI to conduct an investigation on the alleged Andres Bautista ill-gotten wealth.

So, why would a wife expose her husband’s alleged ill-gotten wealth which may lead to his impeachment and prosecution?

It is clear she wants revenge. Mrs. Paz Bautista is out to destroy her husband’s reputation by accusing him of all these. Clearly, she is not doing this for the country. No one would believe that. But why?

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Andres Bautista said he and his wife have been having marital problems for some time. He also said the accusations are politically motivated though he did not elaborate. The Comelec chairman also said extortion is also involved.

Bautista also alleges that he is a victim of infidelity, and rape. Bautista used the word ‘rape’ to describe how his wife stole documents from his house, prevented him from entering his own home, and used the stolen documents to turn things against him.

In an interview Monday morning, Andres Bautista said the stolen documents were tampered with to support her accusations. But the Comelec chair said he is willing to answer all accusations in the proper forum, and is even willing to resign.

He added that he has the support of his family, and even members of his wife’s family are on his side.