Published: Monday 13 November, 2017

Crocodile Drags 12-Year Old Girl in Front of Horrified Siblings in Palawan

A twelve-year old girl is believed to have been eaten by a crocodile. The unnamed girl remains missing after she was dragged by a large crocodile in front of her bothers and sisters near a river in Palawan.

Palawan crocodile

The little girl may have been eaten by a Palawan crocodile of similar size. (AP image via

The incident happened in a forested area in Palawan, dubbed as the Philippines’ last frontier. The 12-year old girl was fetching water with her siblings when a crocodile suddenly appeared and dragged her away. A police report said the stunned and horrified siblings could not do anything to help their sister.

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A search for her has since been launched but the girl is still to be found. Locals believe she has already been eaten by the crocodile.

This is second incident of its kind in the same area in less than a month. A woman was also dragged by a crocodile while fetching water but she was able to escape the reptiles clutches after her niece fought back by throwing rocks at the croc.