Published: Thursday 11 January, 2018

‘Dead’ Prisoner Wakes Up at the Morgue Just Before Doctors Perform Autopsy

A man who had been declared dead by three doctors suddenly woke up. The man, Spanish prisoner, was declared dead after an apparent suicide attempt but suddenly woke up just before an autopsy was to be performed on his body.

dead man morgue

A man declared dead began snoring at the morgue and regained consciousness. (NY Post image)

Morgue workers got the scare of their lives when the man suddenly came to life. He has been identified as Gonzalo Montoya, a 29-year old prisoner in Oviedo in northern Spain. Reports say Montoya was in prison for stealing scrap metal and took some pills to end his life. He was apparently unsuccessful.

His body was found slumped on a chair in his cell on Sunday morning and, after doctors found no sign of life, Montoya was put in a body bag and transferred to the morgue.

According to the Montoya’s father, doctors were ready to perform the autopsy. In fact, markings for the autopsy were already made on this body. But moments before the procedure began, Gonzalo began snoring and regained consciousness.

It is suspected to be a case of catalepsy. Catalepsy is a condition where a person’s vital signs slow down to the point of being almost imperceptible.

Montoya is now under observation in intensive care at the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA), Oviedo.

An investigation has been ordered.