Death by Hanging for Joanna Demafelis’ Employers if Found Guilty of Murder

The killers of Joanna Demaafelis will be hanged if found guilty of her murder. Demafelis’ employers, Nader Essam Assaf and his wife Mona Hassoun, are now in custody with the former admitting that he was the one who put Joanna Demafelis inside the freezer.

Under Kuwait law, the punishment for murder is death by hanging. This was confirmed by Philippine ambassador to Kuwait, Renato Villa. And with Nader Essam Assaf’s admission that he put Joanna Demafelis inside the freezer himself, a guilty verdict is almost certain.

According to the report of Bombo Radyo, Assaf told police that Joanna was still alive when he put the OFW inside the freezer. Alive but already unconscious. Assaf admitted that he panicked after Joanna Demafelis blacked out due to the beatings she suffered from his wife.

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Nader Essam Assad and his wife Mona Hassoun were arrested on separate occasions in Syria after hiding from the law for what they did to Demafelis. Assaf was immediately repatriated to Lebanon since he is a Lebanese. Hassoun remains in Syria. Kuwait is expected to request for their transfer so that they can be tried for the death of Joanna Demafelis.

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  1. […] as the Lebanese and Syrian couple still have not been turned over to Kuwaiti authorities. Nader Essam Assaf and his wife, Mona Hassoun, were arrested last month in Syria after fleeing Kuwait last year. Assaf, a Lebanese, was immediately repatriated […]