Published: Tuesday 02 January, 2018

Death by Karaoke: Woman Suffers Brain Hemorrhage After Singing High Notes

A Singaporean woman’s death has been blamed on karaoke singing. Model Karen Stella Wong collapsed and died after singing high notes on a karaoke, leading to brain hemorrhage.

karaoke death

Did karaoke singing cause the death of a 28-year old model?

28-year old model Karen Stella Wong was out with friends at a karaoke lounge last December 12, said the Straits Times. But after singing high notes not within her vocal range, Wong complained of a headache and numbness in half of her body. She was immediately rushed to a hospital.

The victim never regained consciousness. She lapsed into a coma and died three days later at the Singapore General Hospital, according to a report by Shin Min Daily News. Doctors said Karen Stella Wong died from acute intracerebral hemorrhage, or brain hemorrhage.

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This shocked her family because Miss Wong was healthy and had no symptoms of any kind of serious illness. She had no known medical history and was just on a a regular night out with friends.

“My family has no history of acute intracerebral hemorrhage. Once in a while she got a headache like normal people do,” said her father.

“The SGH doctor said that even a common headache could be a symptom, but no doctor would ask a normal guy with a headache to go for a scan.”

Did she die because of thigh notes she sang in the karaoke? Doctors would not say so but events prior to her death may have triggered the hemorrhage.

Karen Stella Wong

Karen Stella Wong died after a night out in a karaoke lounge. (Facebook photo/Karen Stella Wong)