Published: Wednesday 03 January, 2018

PHOTO SCANDAL Diego Loyzaga ‘Accidentally’ Posts Nude Selfie on Instagram

A new celebrity photo scandal to start the new year: Diego Loyzaga posted a nude selfie on Instagram story yesterday. Was it accidental? I don’t think so. But Diego immediately deleted it a few minutes later.

Diego Loyzaga

The Diego Loyzaga scandal on Instagram is the first for the new year! (facebook)

The Diego Loyzaga scandal photos have now gone viral. You see, even before the young actor was able to delete it, some of his followers have already made a screen grab of the nude selfie (albeit blurred) and shared it on social media.

Some think the selfie was accidental and that’s why Diego immediately deleted it. But other, this blogger included, this it was posted on purpose. A dare? A tease? A new year prank most probably?

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As we said earlier, the screen grabs going around are too blurred to see anything. Maybe, the original was way clearer.

Anyway, here is the Diego Loyzaga scandal photo we found online.


Diego Loyzaga scandal