Published: Saturday 05 August, 2017

Dubai Marina Torch Tower Fire Echoes Horrors of London’s Grenfell Inferno

A huge fire broke out at one of the world’s tallest buildings in Dubai Friday morning. The Dubai Torch Tower, aka The Marina Torch, Dubai Torch or just The Torch, caught fire at around 1:00 AM Friday with parts of its cladding burning almost from top to bottom of its 82 floors.

Dubai Torch Tower fire

Fire burning the exterior cladding of the Dubai Marina Torch Tower. (NBC News photo)

Shocked observers from the ground watched the exterior of the Dubai Torch Tower burned, reminiscent of the inferno at Grenfell Tower in London a couple of months back. Fortunately, this time, no one was injured in the blaze. Though most of its residents were home when the fire broke out, all escaped via a smoke-proof exit.

It is not known how the fire started or in which part of the building the fire began. But authorities said the fire was brought under control just before 4:00 AM local time with no injuries.

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It was the second fire at the Dubai Torch Tower, a popular residential building for expats. The building, once the tallest residential building in the world in 2011, was damaged by a fire in 2015 when parts of its external cladding ignited. Some witnesses said the fire started from a grill in one of the balconies.

After extensive repairs, residents were allowed to return. And, as a result of the fire, Dubai Civil Defence purchased several Martin Jetpack single-person aircraft to assist first responders in high-rise fires.