Published: Monday 12 February, 2018

Duterte Orders TOTAL BAN on OFW Deployment to Kuwait After Abuses

Breaking news: A total ban on the deployment of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to Kuwait will be effected by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). This according to DOLE secretary Silvestre Bello III in a statement to the media Monday morning. The total ban will take effect immediately.

Total ban on OFW deployment to Kuwait

The total ban on OFW deployment takes effect immediately.

“In pursuit of national interest and advent of series of reports involving abuses and deaths of Filipinos in Kuwait, a total ban of all deployment, pursuant to the directive of the President of the Philippines, is hereby enforced and will take effect immediately,” reads the administrative order from Malacanang.

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The total ban is nor surprise. For days, this was what Duterte and his administration has been leaning to following the suspension on deployment effected last week. But that was before the discovery of the body of Joanna Daniela Demafelis inside a freezer in an abandoned apartment in Kuwait. The OFW was allegedly abused and killed by her employers who have since fled Kuwait. An international manhunt for their arrest is now in effect.

Aside from the gruesome murder of Demafelis, there have been an number of abuses on OFWs in Kuwait the past months. Many were physical abuses or malteattment, others led to suicide by the desperate OFWs.

In a statement last week, Duterte demanded that host countries of OFWs must learn to respect Filipino workers and preserve their dignity.

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“We send to you a Filipino worker, hale and hearty, determined to work his heart out in order to give his family a decent and comfortable life in the Philippines. Do not give us back a battered worker or a mutilated corpse,” said Duterte.

“We do not intend to offend any government or anyone. But if a ban is what is needed, then let it be so,” he added.

Bello clarified that the total ban covers ALL JOBS and not just domestic workers. However, a further clarification is still needed if returning OFWs of Balik Manggagawa are covered by the ban.