Published: Monday 09 October, 2017

Duterte Ratings Drop to Lowest Level Since Becoming President – SWS Survey

President Rodrigo Duterte’s net satisfaction ratings plunged by 18 points. His trust ratings also dropped. These according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey conducted in the second half of September 2017.

Duterte ratings drop: Has the bubble finally burst? (Aaron Favila photo/AP)

According to the latest SWS survey results, 67% of respondents were “satisfied,” 14% were “undecided,” and 19% were “dissatisfied” with Duterte’s performance, resulting to a net satisfaction rating of +48 (satisfied-dissatisfied). This is the lowest net satisfaction rating of the president since assuming office last year. It represents a drop of 18 points from the SWS results last June 2017.

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Aside from his net satisfaction rating, Duterte’s trust rating suffered a blow as well. According to the SWS survey, 73% said they had “much trust,” 15% were “undecided,” and 12% had “little trust” in Duterte. The result is a +60 net trust rating which is a 15-point drop from his +75 last June.

“The 18-point decline in Pres. Duterte’s net satisfaction rating amid the 15-point decline in his net trust rating, between June and September 2017, resulted from the declines in his net satisfaction ratings among both those with much trust and those with little trust in him,” said the SWS.

Duterte ratings SWS

SWS survey results showing the drop in Duterte ratings. (SWS)

Has the Duterte bubble finally burst? Are Filipinos slowly opening their eyes to the inefficiencies and injustices in the present administration? Has the opposition found the right formula to erode Duterte’s popularity with the public.

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The survey was conducted amid continued criticism of extra judicial killings in the Philippines, especially after the deaths of teens Kian Loyd delos Santos, Carl Angelo Arnaiz and Kulot, who were allegedly summarily killed by police officers.

The survey was also done amid accusations that Duterte and his family have amassed ill-gotten wealth with alleged billions of pesos stashed in banks, and Paolo Duterte’s alleged involvement in Customs corruption.

Malacanang has yet to issue a statement on the ratings drop.