Published: Tuesday 09 January, 2018

Duterte Wants Total Ban on Firecrackers ASAP, Asks Congress for New Law

President Rodrigo Duterte wants to ban all firecrackers and pyrotechnics, and will ask Congress to enact a new law. Duterte banned firecrackers while he was mayor of Davao and now he wants to make it nationwide.

firecracker ban

Firecrackers do more harm than good and must therefore be banned! ( photo)

“The President indicated that he will push for Congress to enact a law that will ban all firecrackers and pyrotechnics,” announced Presidential spokesman Harry Roque, briefing the media on what was discussed during the Cabinet meeting on Monday. 

“He wants Congress to enact this law at the soonest time possible so that the public debate on the banning of fireworks and pyrotechnics could begin as early as possible,” Roque added.

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Despite an executive order regulating the use of firecrackers only in designated areas, there were still dozens of injuries recorded during the new year although the number is less than in previous years. The majority of those injured were minors.

“The President has always banned firecrackers in Davao City as a mayor. I don’t think this is a result of any recommendation other than it’s the result of his own prognosis that firecrackers and pyrotechnics are enimical to human health and safety,” said Roque.

It is about time that all firecrackers are banned for they do more harm than good. Firecrackers cause pollution, scare pets, cause fires and, most of all, injure people. Plus the fact that it is a waste of money!

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And don’t ever believe what many are saying that firecrackers are for good luck. Baloney! Just like the superstition on 12 round fruits for New Year, this superstition was only invented and perpetrated by firecracker manufacturers to sell more!