Published: Tuesday 04 July, 2017

Xian Gaza a ‘Scammer’ & ‘Stalker’ Says Ella Cruz’s Mom; What Now, Erich?

Is Xian Gaza a celebrity stalker? Apparently so, according to Ella Cruz’s mother. After trying to woo Erich Gonzales, Xian Gaza has become a controversial figure on online, and dragging Ella Cruz into the social media frenzy. This after Ella’s mother said Gaza is a stalker and a scammer.

Xian Gaza Ella Cruz

Xian Gaza and Ella Cruz (Facebook/Xian Gaza)

Xian Gaza may have gotten more than he bargained for when his billboard invitation for Erich Gonzales went viral. And it isn’t surprising if Gaza is regretting starting the whole PDA (public display of admiration) in the first place.

Right after getting all the publicity for his billboard invitation, a photo of Gaza and Ella Cruz surfaced online, alleging that the two were formerly a couple. But what got the public’s attention was what Ella’s mother, Jesica, wrote about Xian Gaza.

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UPDATE: READ: Xian Gaza Alleged Scamming Modus Operandi Exposed by Former Employee

According to Jessica, Gaza’s motive for wooing Erich via social media is to get more investors for his business. Jessica also alleges that Gaza has scammed a number of people.

I wonder if Erich Gonzales still wants to have coffee with him now…

UPDATE: READ: STALKER? But hy do photos and Videos of Xian Gaza & Ella Cruz show they are very close to each other?