Published: Saturday 15 July, 2017

Emirates Flight Attendant Seen Pouring Leftover Champagne Back in Bottle

What does Emirates Airline do with unfinished champagne? Apparently, they put it back into the bottle! At least, that’s what it looks like in a video captured by an passenger showing an Emirates flight attendant doing it.

Emirates Airline pours back champagne

An Emirates Airline flight attendant pouring back the champagne into the bottle? (YouTube screen grab/Evgeny Kayumov)

Russian passenger Evgeny Kayumov¬†accidentally filmed the scene but didn’t notice it at first. When he did, Kayumov immediately posted the video and tagged Emirates, asking:¬†‘I accidentally filmed this video, and didn’t even notice this moment at the time, pouring unfinished Champagne back into the bottle.’

‘Is that normal practice Emirates?’

His social media followers were aghast.

In a statement to Moskva City News, a spokesman for Emirates Airline said that Mr. Kayumov witnessed was not standard practice of the airline and it will conduct an investigation.

‘Emirates always strives to provide the top quality service,’ the airline spokesman added.