Published: Thursday 11 January, 2018

LOOK ‘Expensive’ Isabelle Duterte Debut Invitation Draws Mixed Reactions

Photos of presidential granddaughter Isabelle Duterte’s debut invitation is going viral. Described by netizens as  ‘expensive’, ‘opulent’ and ‘pompous’, among others, the debut invitation of Isabelle features an embedded video player on one side.

Isabelle Duterte debut invitation

Invitations of Isabelle Duterte ‘s debut have come out and immediately became controversial. (GMA Network photo)

It will be recalled that Isabelle Duterte, the daughter of former Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, drew a lot of flak for her pictorial inside Malacanang. Some even asked if she broke the law by using the presidential seal in several of the images.

The young Duterte’s online fight with her father several weeks ago also went viral, and may have led to Paolo Duterte’s resignation after Isabelle implied that her father beat her.

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And, last year. Isabelle Duterte was also a trending topic after netizens noticed her Instagram photos wherein she posed with her designer bags and other luxury accessories.

The debut will be held at the Manila Peninsula ballroom on January 19. (Photos below courtesy of FashionPulis)

Isabelle Duterte invitation

Isabelle Duterte invitation debut

Amid all these images of luxury and wealth, many netizens cannot help but ask: Isn’t President Duterte himself urging Filipinos to live simply? Where does all these fit in to the Duterte example of simple living? Where does all of the money spent for Isabelle’s debut come from?

Many netizens have started to bash Isabelle and her family for this obvious display of wealth amid speculation that corruption is involved.

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Others, however, have stated that Isabelle’s parents have lone been separated, and her mom and stepfather are very well-off.

What can you say about all these?