Published: Friday 22 September, 2017

11 Family Members Die in Mexico Earthquake as Church Collapses at Baby’s Baptism

As the death toll in Mexico’s earthquake continues to rise, it has been learned that eleven members of a family were among those who perished. The family died during the baptism of a a relative’s baby when the church roof collapsed during the earthquake.

church collapse mexico earthquake

The church roof and walls collapsed during the earthquake killing 11 attending a baptism. (The Associated press)

The tragic deaths happened in Atzala, a small town south of Mexico City. It was supposed to be a celebration, a joyous occasion for the family as its youngest member was to be baptized at the Santiago the Apostle Catholic Church. But during the baptism rites, the earth shook violently and the happy occasion turned tragic.

The roof and walls of the church collapsed during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that rocked Mexico on Tuesday. Chunks of masonry fell on those gathered at the church, and only the survivors were the baby’s father, the priest and the priest’s assistant.

‘It was a scene of horror, sadness with most of the people inside the church dying,’ said the assistant.

When the ground stopped shaking, those who survived called for help. But it was too late. With the old and dilapidated church made of heavy masonry, the victims met instant death when chunks of stone fell on them.

What was supposed to be a celebration turned into a wake as 11 coffins were lined up in what was supposed to be the venue of the feast.

Mexico earthquake family dead

Coffins of the 11 family members are lined up where there was supposed to be a celebration. (Guasco / European Pressphoto Agency)