Published: Wednesday 25 October, 2017

GROPED? Video Shows Fan Grab Harry Styles Junk During Charity Concert

A video of Harry Styles being grabbed by an eager fan has gone viral. The fan mus have found it hard to control herself after Harry Styles knelt in front of her at a concert in Los Angeles. The fan remains unidentified.

Harry Styles grabbed

The moment a fan grabbed Harry Styles. (Twitter photo)

Styles was performing at CBS Radio’s We Can Survive 2017 concert when the groping occurred. Dressed in an orange suit, Harry knelt near the edge of the stage in front of his screaming fans at one point during his performance. Big mistake! With so many over eager girls aching to touch their idol, something was bound to happen. And it did!

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One hand suddenly appeared to grab his crotch! Harry Styles reacted quickly and swatted the hand away before standing up and walking away.

The incident was captured on video by Jaqueline Lisinski who posted the clip on Twitter. It has since gone viral.

Meanwhile, some angry fans condemned the groping and took to social media to remind other fans to #RespectHarry.

Here another video of the incident from another angle:

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