Published: Wednesday 11 April, 2018

Gabby Speaks Up on What Went Wrong with Sharon Reunion Movie

The reunion movie of former couple Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion was supposed to materialize this year. But something went wrong, and now, the project has been shelved. Now, Gabby has broken his silence and revealed it wasn’t his ‘fault’. So whose fault is it? 

The reunion of Gabby and Sharon in a McDonalds commercial earlier this year raised speculation that the similar reunion, in a movie this time, was not that far off. Soon, Sharon Cuneta began updating followers about the upcoming project. But, just as Sharon-Gabby fans were counting the days before the dream movie is finally a reality, Sharon announced that it may be impossible.

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“Guys, I am sorry. Star has done as much as they can. I have done as much as I could,” Sharon wrote on social media. “And I am so very tired. It may be hard to accept, but there may never be another Sharon-Gabby movie again. Sorry.”

So, was it Gabby’s fault? Did the negotiations break down because of Gabby Concepcion? That was what most people were thinking.

But now, Gabby has spoken saying he is not to blame. According to the former matinee idol, he was all for the reunion movie. However, something in the negotiations that Sharon did not agree to though he did not reveal what it is.

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“To clarify lang ha, wala talaga sa akin ang problema,” Concepcion reportedly told Ambet Nabus of Abante. “Ever since, I am very open and cooperative sa sinasabing reunion movie project na iyan.”

“It’s just that our producer has laid out some items na nu’ng sinang-ayunan ko ay hindi pala raw gusto ni Sharon.”

Hanggang ngayon ba these two people, whose marriage was annulled decades ago, still cannot find a common ground?