Published: Wednesday 11 April, 2018

Brave Enough to Swim in This Glass-Bottomed Pool 42 Floors Above the Ground?

Afraid of height? Then this swimming pool is definitely not for you! Not only is it located on the 42nd floor with views of the ground below, the swimming pool has a glass bottom and the view you get is straight down under your feet!

The glass-bottomed pool is located on the top floor of the Market Square Tower, a high-rise apartment building in Houston, Texas. Much of the pool is not terrifying with its concrete bottom on the top floor. It is the 10-foot cantilevered area that is scary!.

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As the video shows, just walking on the glass bottom and looking straight down is enough to give some people a heart attack!

But some readers said it is ‘safe’ with its 8-inch thick Plexiglas floor.