Published: Tuesday 14 November, 2017

WATCH It’s Showtime Tribute Video for Hashtag Franco Hernandez

After its seeming silence on the death of Hashtag Franco Hernandez, It’s Showtime finally expressed its sentiments on his tragic passing. It’s Showtime paid tribute to Franco with a video it posted on its Facebook page.

Hashtag Franco tribute

Till next time: The Hashtag Franco tribute from It’s Showtime. (ABS CBN/Star Cinema/Instagram)

“We will miss you everyday Hashtag Franco, your Showtime Family Loves you so much! Till next time, Franco!” said the tribute video’s caption.

On Monday, fans of Franco Hernandez were waiting for the reaction of the It’s Showtime family to his death. We were glued to our television sets as It’s Showtime began to air its first episode since Franco death last Saturday. Many were expecting Vice Ganda to make a heartfelt statement, and other hosts to chime in with their tributes recalling fond memories with the fallen Hashtag member.

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There was none.

It seemed there was a veil of silence on the show. We were disappointed but we understood. Maybe, it was their way of coping with the tragedy. Maybe, it was their own way to show Franco that they will be strong for him.

But on Tuesday, this tribute video came out and we are glad. We are happy that Hashtag Franco is remembered fondly, and loved.

Till next time, Franco!