Published: Monday 13 November, 2017

Premonition? WATCH Last Video of Hashtag Franco Alive Before Boat Accident

Did Hashtag Franco Hernandez have premonition of his death? This is what many netizens think after Franco’s last video alive was posted by his girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca.

Hashtag Franco last video premonition

The last video of Hashtag Franco with girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca. (Instagram screen grab/Janica Nam)

The video was taken just before that fateful boat ride that killed the Franco. It shows the couple walking along the beach, with the Hashtags member telling his girlfriend how much he loves her. Hashtag Franco also began to apologize to Janica about something but then changed his mind and dismissed the issue.

“I love you so much love. Thank you na mahaba ang patience mo. Sorry din kung… wala. Basta. Love you so much.”

After exchanging kisses, Franco continued: “Enjoy ka ba?” he asked his girlfriend of almost a year.

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“Siyempre basta kasama kita,” she replies.

Unknown to both, one of them would be dead before the day was over.

Interviewed by ABS CBN News, Janica said she and Franco were thrown off the boat by the big wave. Both of them didn’t know how to swim and neither were they wearing life jackets. When they were rescued, Hashtag Franco was already unconscious. He was declared dead on arrival at a local clinic.

The video may have been Franco last remembrance for Janica, and for his fans. But Janica said the video was unplanned. She only decided to record Franco because she sensed he was trying to tell her something.

Franco also posted this on his Instagram on his way to Davao.

Was it a premonition?

“Eto yung last video natin yung araw na papunta na tayo sa bangka at nangyari ung accident hindi ko alam parang magmmessage ka sakin kaya sabi ko “wait lang ivvideo ko” ang sabi mo dyan “sorry” pero hindi mo tinuloy bakit naman ganon mahal ang unfair unfair mo naman mahal ko sabi mo sakin you want to make more memories with me. Bakit naman ganon! Please tuparin mo naman mga pangako mo sakin. Ang dami dami pa natin pangarap mahal! Balik ka na please miss na miss na kita sobrang mahal na mahal kita mahal na mahal mahal ko ikaw ang buhay ko mahal @m_lmnln @hashtag_franco”