Published: Tuesday 10 October, 2017

PHOTOS Hazing Suspect Ralph Trangia Arrives 3 Weeks After ‘Escaping’ to US

One of the primary suspects in the killing of hazing victim Horacio Castillo III is back in the Philippines. Aegis Juris fraternity officer Ralph Trangia flew in from the US almost three weeks after his swift escape at the height of investigations into the death of Castillo.

Ralph Trangia

Ralph Trangia arrives at NAIA. (Image via ABS CBN News)

Ralph Trangia arrived just before noon on Tuesday on a flight from the US via Taipei. The suspect arrived with his mother Rosemarie, who has also been included among those charged in connection with Horaco Castillo III’s death.

According to news reports, mother and son were mum upon their arrival. No statement was issued and both declined to grant interviews. But their legal counsel said an official statement will be issued at a later date.

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Trangia was NOT arrested upon arrival contrary to what many expected. According to DOJ secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, no arrest warrant has been issued against Trangia yet.

Ralph Trangia is one of the primary suspects in the murder of Castillo. As an officer of Aegis Juris Fraternity (he is reportedly the Sargent At Arms of the fraternity), he was present during the hazing of Atio Castillo which eventually led to his death.

Trangia was also positively identified by a guard of the Chinese General Hospital as one of the person who took the dying Castillo to the medical facility.