Published: Thursday 31 August, 2017

LOOK Head of Akyat Bahay Robber Gets Stuck in Window as He Tries to Escape

Robbers must always have an escape plan for a successful heist. But, unfortunately for an akyat bahay robber, he didn’t have one. The hapless akyat bahay member was arrested after his head got stuck in window grills while trying to escape.

akyat bahay stuck

The akyat bahay member with nhis head stuck in the window grills. (Facebook/Filipino Vines)

Photos of the akyat bahay robber with his head lodged in between steel grills have gone viral. The pictures appeared on social media late last week but details about it were scant. The specifics of the incidents finally came to light early this week.

According to The Summit Express, the akyat bahay incident occurred in Barangay Tugos, Sorsogon on August 21. The unnamed robber was caught inside the house of his target at around 2:00 Am and one of the children who saw him screamed alerting other family members.

The robber’s quick escape was foiled, however, when his head would not fit through the window grills. Although he was able to fit his body through the small gap, it was a different story when it came to his head.

The akyat bahay member was left dangling on the window for about two hours until he was rescued, and arrested.