Published: Monday 12 February, 2018

‘Helmet Girl’ in Viral Video Identified as Chezka Bautista, a Call Center Agent

The girl with the foul mouth who attacked an MMDA traffic enforcer has been identified. ‘Helmet Girl’ is Chezka Bautista, a call center agent at Alorica Philippines, according to her Facebook profile.

Helmet Girl Chezka Bautista

Helmet Girl Chezka Bautista is a call center agent with Alorica Philippines. (Facebook video screen grab/Gadget Addict)

Video of Chezka Bautista, dubbed by netizens as ‘Helmer Girl’, went viral after if was posted over the weekend after it showed her verbally and physically attacking an MMDA traffic enforcer who issued her and her motorcycle companion a traffic ticket for not wearing a helmet, TWICE!

According to the Facebook post of Gadget Addict, Bautista and her companion, reportedly her boyfriend, Josh Caadan, were flagged down by MMDA enforcers along Road 3 because she was not wearing a helmet (although she had one in her hands). After she was issued a ticket, she hurled abusive language on the enforcer whom she though was laughing at her. But the enforcer denied this and told Bautista to just file a complaint with the MMDA.

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Minutes later, the two were again seen this time along Visayas Avenue and she was still not wearing her helmet. Another ticket was issued and that was when Chezka Bautista was caught on video hurling abusive language and physically attacking the traffic enforcer.

The MMDA should not let this incident pass without filing charges against this ‘Helmet Girl’. For attacking an traffic enforcer, she should be charged with the necessary complaint and be made an example to all motorists that rules and laws should be followed, and those who implement them should be accorded due respect.

And to Alorica Philippines, is this the kind of employees that you have?

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Chezka Bautista helmet girl alorica philippines

Chezka Bautista helmet girl alorica philippines

Chezka Bautista helmet girl alorica philippines