Published: Monday 20 November, 2017

Brazen Holdup of Lady Lined Up at BPI ATM in Alabang Goes Viral

Reports of a daring holdup of an ATM customer in broad daylight in Alabang is going viral, warning readers that with Christmas approaching, criminal activity in creasing and we should be vigilant.

atm holdup south supermarket alabang

A woman was reportedly held up at gunpoint at an ATM in Alabang. (Not the actual photo of the ATM where reported incident occurred) | (Jonel de Guzman image via CNN PH)

According to the report, which has been shared on various social media platforms and messaging apps, the robbery occurred in Alabang, at the BPI ATM right at the entrance of South Supermarket.

A lady in line at the ATM machine was robbed at gunpoint by a man lined up behind her and pretending to be customer. He wrap his arms around her and demanded cash. After getting his money, the man fled with the lady’s bag to a waiting motorcycle nearby.

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The report further states that the victim screamed after the incident but it was already too late as the criminal had already fled. Police arrived minutes later.

Security guards posted nearby did not do anything for they thought the man and the woman were together.


A lady was held up right after she withdrew from BPI ATM (Alabang South Supermarket Branch) by a man who was also in line at the ATM. He put his arm around her and walked towards the steps right in front of entrance of South Supermarket. He was wearing a jacket, a firearm was not visible. He pushed her and ran towards the street. A motorbike was on standby. He took the cash and her bag. She started screaming hysterically. Police arrived minutes after.

There were security guards by the entrance of both the bank and the grocery, none of which did anything. Can’t blame them as nothing seemed wrong with what they saw. They said: “akala namin magkasama sila.”

Please be careful! This happened earlier today.

But is the incident true? Some readers are questioning the veracity of the post in the absence of reports in mainstream media.

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Whether true of not, it still pays to be extra careful these days.

UPDATE: The management of South Supermarket in Alabang said that the alleged holdup never occurred.

“That scenario never happened,” said the management as quoted by Alabang Bulletin.