Published: Thursday 16 November, 2017

How Much are iPhone 8, iPhone X in PH? Official Prices Released

With the release of the iPhone 8 scheduled on later this week, and the iPhone X on December 1, Apple Philippines has released the official prices of the two new phones. So, how much of your hard-earned money are you going to part with?

iPhone X iPhone 8 Philippines

Get ready to part with your hard-earned money with the iPhone X… lots of it! (

According to Apple PH, the iPhone 8 starts at P44,990 for the 64GB model while the iPhone 8 Plus starts at P51,490. Meanwhile, the Philippine price of the iPhone x starts at (hold your breath) P64,490!

But if the iPhone X is selling a just $999 abroad, why is it P64,490 here considering it should only be P50,634.32 using the current exchange rate? No explanation about this from Apple.

At these prices, it may be more practical to buy it abroad although Filipinos with deep pockets (and social climbers) will readily pay local prices.

iPhone 8 Philippines

iPhone X Philippines