Published: Saturday 04 November, 2017

LOOK New iPhone X ‘Fails Drop Test’ as Both Front & Back Panels Break

The iPhone X went on sale in more than 50 countries worldwide yesterday. As expected, thousands lined up for the new iPhone X despite its hefty price tag of $999. But it is worth it? Some users said no, and posted broken front and back glass panels to prove it. These users said the iPhone X failed their drop test and the much-touted durable glass panels broke easily.

iphone x drop test

The broken screen and rear glass panel of the iPhone X after reportedly failing a drop test. (IT 168 screen grab)

Almost as soon as it was released, several broken iPhone Xs emerged on Chinese social media sites – three of them, in fact. All were broken and damaged. Reportedly, these failed their drop tests though no videos of the drop test nor details of how high they were dropped were made available.

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These photos above are screen grabs from a video posted on Chinese tech website IT 168, showing the broken glass screen and rear glass panel both broken. Though the video showed the broken panels, the clip of the reported drop test was not shown.

Two other Chinese posts on Weibo, a Twitter like social media site, claimed to have broken the iPhone X after dropping it from a certain height. However, no proof of the drop tests were posted leaving many readers skeptical.

But Two Drop Test Videos Belie Chinese Claims

These results are contrary to two videos we found online showing two iPhone Xs relatively undamaged after dropping it from certain heights. One individual even hurled his phone to about 20 feet and yet, no damage!

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Watch the videos below.