Published: Saturday 15 July, 2017

WATCH Iraqi Soldiers Throw Captured Isis Fighters from Cliff to their Death

Video has emerged of Isis militants being thrown to their deaths. The footage shows men dressed as Iraqi soldiers throwing a man from a cliff and shooting him when he landed on the ground. The Iraqi government is investigating the case.

isis militants

Video shows captured Isis militants being thrown from cliff. (YouTube screen grab)

Revenge execution. The execution is reminiscent of that employed by Isis itself. When they were still in power in Mosul, Isis militants threw several civilians from building roofs for a number of ‘crimes’ ranging from theft, spying or even homosexuality. Now, the shoe is in the other foot.

The video shows the victim begging for his life to no avail. Which was exactly what they also did to their victims in Mosul several months ago. Tit for tat.

Warning: the video below contains disturbing scenes.