Published: Saturday 16 December, 2017

Isabelle Duterte Pre-Debut Photos in Malacanang Go Viral for Different Reasons

Isabelle Duterte photo shoot Malacanang

Did Isabelle Duterte break the law in using Malacanang for her pre-debut photo shoot? (Instagram/litosyphoto)

Dressed in fabulous clothes, Isabelle Duterte posed in several rooms of the presidential palace. And there lies the controversy sparked by some netizens who have questioned if it was proper for Isabelle to use Malacanang as a photo shoot venue.

Isabelle Duterte is the eldest child of Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte with his former wife Lovelie Sumera. This is not the first time Isabelle raised eyebrows on social media. In September 2017, netizens took note of her expensive designer OOTD on Instagram prompting many to ask how she could afford it.

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But with her debut photo shoot, the question is different: Did Isabelle Duterte break any law in using Malacanang and the Presidential Seal for personal reasons?

I don’t know about the legality angle but with respect to good taste and delicadeza, this is a fail!

Isabelle Duterte Malacanang

Duterte’s granddaughter posing inside Malacanang. (Instagram/jeffgalang)

Isabelle Duterte photo shoot

Duterte’s granddaughter posing with the Presidential Seal. (Instagram/Rita Neri Events)