Published: Friday 12 January, 2018

WATCH Isabelle Duterte ‘Save-the-Date’ Debut Video Shot in AUSTRALIA!

If Duterte’s critics think Isabelle Duterte’s lavish photo shoot in Malacanang and debut invitation are cringe-worthy, think again. A save-the-date video of Isabelle Duterte’s debut is now online and, get this, it was shot in AUSTRALIA!

Isabelle Duterte video Australia

Isabelle Duterte wearing another lavish gown in the pre-debut video shot in Australia. (Facebook screen grab/Gianne Carlo Chua Visuals)

The lavish lifestyle Isabelle Duterte has been projecting probably hasn’t made her many fans among President Rodrigo Duterte’s followers. Simply because her expensive taste is the antithesis of the the simple life Digong projects. And, so far, it looks like Isabelle isn’t planning on stopping her spending for the upcoming debut.

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The beautiful gowns she wore for her Malacanang photo shoot, her expensive debut invitation and the actual debut at the Manila Peninsula on January 19 must have cost a fortune. Now, we find out that Isabelle Duterte also had a pre-debut video shoot in Australia! And she wore a different set of gowns there as well.

May we ask who paid for all these?

Isabelle Duterte pre-debut video

A still shot from the Isabelle Duterte debut save the date video shot in Australia. (Facebook/Gianne Carlo Chua)