Published: Monday 09 October, 2017

Engaged Iza Calzado Reveals Story Behind Engagement Ring: She Chose it!

It’s uncommon for a girl to choose her engagement ring. After all, like in the case of Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle, the proposal was a surprise. So, how could Iza have chosen her engagement ring ahead of time? But that’s exactly what happened.

Iza Calzado engagement ring

Iza Calzado shows off her engagement ring from Ben Wintle. (Instagram/Pat Dy)

“It was kind of my choice of ring and design. The story is I have been looking at photos of rings for a few years now, checking what I might like,” Iza told Preen. She said she and Ben had been talking about marriage for some time and she knew he was going to propose this year although she didn’t exactly know when.

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Iza Calzado said she wanted to have the right engagement ring – something that would look good on her not-so-long fingers, something that’s not too big that she can’t wear everyday, and something that’s not too expensive for her boyfriend. And, although she didn’t know when Ben Wintle would buy the ring, she had a pretty good idea where he would get it – from their friend Candy Dizon of Jul B. Dizon jewelers. So, secretly looked for her ring with the help of Candy.

“So we saw this ring that had a stone in the middle. Candy said you can do a trio. I didn’t know that. She said, “Girl, That’s a D,”” recalled the actress. “What does that mean? She told me, “It means perfect, flawless.” I really had no clue but I knew nothing about jewelry.”

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“It was like inception. She planted this idea in my head, now I want a D.”

“The trio was nice, but I never saw the stone they would put in the middle until yesterday,” referring to Ben’s proposal in front of family and friends in Tagaytay’s Sonya’s Garden.

“So I semi-planned and picked out my engagement ring.”

Iza Calzado engagement ring

The fabulous trio diamond engagement ring. (Instagram/Katrina Cruz)