Published: Sunday 27 August, 2017

Netizens React to Jake Zyrus MMK Episode: Mommy Raquel is a ‘Monster Mom’!

As the life story of Jake Zyrus unravels on MMK Saturday, social media was flooded with various reactions. Many praised and sympathized with Jake but more were shocked at the depiction of Mommy Raquel Pempengco as a ‘monster mom’!

Jake Zyrus MMK

Netizens call Mommy Raquel a ‘monster mom’ after Jake Zyrus MMK episode.(PEP)

Some netizens could not believe what they were watching, as could I. We knew that Charice Pempengco went through as ordeal as she struggled with her identity. But what we could not believe was how it was made worse by her own mother!

Played by actress Dina Bonnevie, Raquel Pempengco was cruel and manipulative, and she hurt Charice physically even in front of David Foster.Mommy Raquel was likewise depicted as a ‘gold digger’ who was always fussing about money and enjoyed the luxurious life Charice’s fame brought her and her family. She didn’t care about her daughter’s emotions and even called Charice ‘immoral’!

At one point, Raquel Pempengco detained Charice in her own house until the latter was able to escape. This happened just before she publicly admitted she was gay. As a result, Mommy Raquel was bashed on social media.

Raquel Pempengco has already reacted to the MMK episode. In an interview, she said Jake Zyrus is a liar and needs a psychologist.