Published: Friday 09 March, 2018

Body of Jeanette Plegaria, OFW Starved by Employers, Arrives from Kuwait

Yet another overseas Filipino worker (OFW) from Kuwait arrives in a coffin. Jeanette Plegaria Opido, aka Jeanette Opido, was allegedly starved by her employers. She is just one of the reasons why the Philippine government thinks the lives of its OFWs in Kuwait are in danger.

Kuwait OFW Jeanette Plegaria Opido

Kuwait OFW Jeanette Plegaria Opido was skin and bones as she awaited repatriation in hospital. (Facebook photo/Arnell Ignacio)

The plight Jeanette Plegaria Opido went viral on social media after she pleaded to be taken home. Allegedly starved by her Kuwaiti employers despite the amount of work she was given, Jeanette’s condition worsened and she became ‘skin and bones’.

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The OFW was eventually rescued and scheduled to be repatriated to the Philippines. However, she died in hospital on February 28 while awaiting repatriation.

According to ABS CBN News, Jeanette Plegaria’s recruitment agency may be liable for neglect. It was reported that the agency transferred Plegaria from one employer to another THREE TIMES. It was at her last employer where the OFW starved and from whom she escaped.

The agency reportedly promised to bring her home but, even after eight months, no repatriation happened. In the meantime, Jeanette’s health deteriorated and she was hospitalized. According to ABS CBN News, the agency refused to shoulder her medical bills and was even advised to escape.

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Eventually, the OFW was rescued and her documents were processed so that she could go home. She died while awaiting repatriation.

The Department of Labor and Employment is now looking into Jeanette Plegaria’s case.

Jeanette Plegaria Opido before and after photos.