Published: Tuesday 04 July, 2017

John Lesaca Complains Uber Driver Made Cancer Patients Walk to Hospital

A complaint against Uber driver Anie Agbayani has been posted online. Musician John Lesaca said Agbayani made his wife and daughter, both suffering from cancer, walk to the hospital in the rain because of traffic congestion, and because she wanted to go home early!

Uber complaint

An Uber driver allegedly asked two cancer sufferers to walk to the hospital in the rain.

On his Facebook page, John Lesaca related what transpired last June 30 when his wife and only daughter booked an Uber ride to Medical City Hospital from their place in Katipunan. Lesaca said he always takes them himself but last Friday, he was unavailable and they needed to go to the hospital as it was the last day of radiation treatment of his wife.

Lesaca posted three complaints against Uber driver Anie Agbayani. One, she was allegedly a reckless driver – weaving through traffic along C5 and not stopping at intersections. Secondly, she was unprofessional – eating junk food, conversing with someone on her phone and was singing along to the music playing on the car’s radio.

But the main complaint Lesaca had with Agbayani was that she made his daughter and wife walk to Medical City. While stuck in traffic, Anie Agbayani allegedly suggested that her passengers would get to their destination faster if they walked since traffic was not moving. She then told them that she already wanted to get home as she lived nearby and she was already tired, and offered them a discount.

With no other choice, John Lesaca’s wife and daughter paid the fare and walked to Medical City in the rain.

We have heard and read a number of complaints about Uber’s service in the Philippines and this is one of the worst I’ve come across. The audacity of the Uber driver even suggesting that her passengers walk when they already said they were willing to wait it out inside the car and pay the full price is appalling.

Uber should hold Anie Agbaayani accountable for what she did. Uber is a service provider and what John Lesaca’s wife and daughter experienced was horrible customer service. Uber should take action at once.

I use Uber (and Grab) whenever the need arises. When I don’t want to drive all the way to my destination in heavy traffic, I park the car at the nearest mall and book their service. Fortunately for me, all my Grab and Uber rides had been pleasant. No complaints at all.