Published: Tuesday 12 September, 2017

John Lloyd Cruz Apologizes for Viral Drunk Video with Ellen Adarna (WATCH)

John Lloyd Cruz has broken his silence on his viral drunk video. On his Instagram, John Lloyd posted an apology to his fans and followers after the video showing him obviously drunk became viral over the weekend.

john Lloyd Cruz drunk

Scene from the controversial John Lloyd Cruz drunk video.

Though not directly addressing the controversial clip, John Lloyd Cruz nevertheless apologized to the ‘little boys and girls’ and added that is is a learning experience for him. However, despite his apology, John Lloyd said he has ‘no regrets’.

“diz iz mi lerning. very humbling but i do apologize to the little boys & girls. no regrets babies just life revealing its raw beauty. ”

The actor was spending a short vacation with rumored girlfriend Ellen Adarna and some friends in Batayan Island in Cebu when the video emerged on social media. Previous to this, photos of ‘Lloydie’ with Ellen and friends were posted. However, an Instagram story of one of Adarna’s friends showed John Lloyd in a different light than what fans are used to seeing him in.

Singing, dancing and doing other weird things, the video expired after a short period. But not before dozens of netizens had already downloaded copies of the clip. It these were posted on Facebook and Instagram and shared all over social media platforms.

While there are fans who see nothing wrong with John Lloyd’s behavior in the controversial clip, there are many who ask what has happened to their idol and his once wholesome image. Little do they know this might be what Cruz is really like when he’s intoxicated.

There have been many rumors in the past about John Lloyd Cruz’s drinking habit, and his ‘wild’ behavior when drunk. But there had been been successfully kept from the public eye for many years.