Published: Monday 11 September, 2017

WATCH Drunk John Lloyd Cruz Videos Show Fans What He’s Really Like?

Videos of a visibly drunk John Lloyd Cruz went viral on social media. The Instagram videos show John Lloyd singing, dancing and doing other ‘weird’ stuff the public don’t get to see him doing often. Now, many got a glimpse of what John Lloyd Cruz is really like when he’s drunk.

John Lloyd Cruz drunk

John Lloyd Cruz drunk videos have gone viral giving fans a glimpse of what he’s really like under the influence of alcohol. (YouTube)

Posted on Instagram stories by one of Ellen Adarna’s friends, the videos of John Lloyd were taken in Cebu where he was spending a vacation with rumored girlfriend Ellen Adarna and some friends. Though the videos expired after some time as Instagram stories do, many were able to download copies of the controversial clips and reposted them on their social media pages.

So, what’s so controversial about being drunk? Nothing really, except if you’re a famous actor and matinee idol with a wholesome image.

Throughout his career, John Lloyd Cruz has been molded by Star Magic as a clean-cut actor – the guy next door, the boyfriend material, the guy you would be proud to introduce to your folks as your boyfriend.

Though there have been many rumors about his drinking habit and wild behavior when under the influence of alcohol, no evidence of these surfaced and they remained rumors. Until now. It seems his management was caught flat footed by the emergence of the damaging videos.