Published: Wednesday 14 February, 2018

KathNiel Fans Bash Robi Domingo for Teasing Liza Soberano & Daniel Padilla

Some uber protective (and narrow-minded) KathNiel fans have struck again! This time, the target of their ire is Robi Domingo for teasing Daniel Padilla and Liza Soberano to each other.

Robi Domingo Liza Soberano Daniel Padilla

The scene that angered KathNiel fans. (Instagram/District8 Manila)

In the video Robi uploaded to his Instagram on Sunday, he was talking to both Liza Soberano backstage during ASAP while Daniel Padilla was seated nearby. The video seemed to imply that Liza was saying something about Daniel, which the actress denied.

Apparently, such jokes are unacceptable to KathNiel fans and they immediately unleashed a slew of negative (some below the belt) remarks about Robi Domingo online.

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The video can no longer be seen on Instagram but a quick-minded netizen was able to download it and upload to to YouTube. As you can see in the clip below, there is really nothing that KathNiel fans show be angry about.

Meanwhile, the same fate that befell Robi Domingo happened to District8 Manila, the bar co-owned by Daniel Padilla. District8 posted a photo of Robi, Liza and Daniel and captioned it with ‘in love’ emoticons. Well, you guessed it! KathNiel fans descended on the District8 Manila Instagram page and unleashed their anger.

The bar was then forced to delete the photo and issue an apology.

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Curiously, fans of LizQuen have remained quiet amid all this controversy created by KathNiel fans. Just goes to show who’s insecure and who’s not!

District9 Manila Liza Soberano Daniel Padilla Robi Domingo