Published: Friday 02 February, 2018

Actress Kim Chiu Robbed of Camera Inside ABS CBN Dressing Room #18?

Kim Chiu lost a valuable gadget after it was stolen inside her dressing room. In a Twitter post on Thursday, Kim Chiu shared her dismay after being robbed of her camera inside Dressing Room #18 at ABS CBN.

Kim Chiu robbed dressing room ABS CBN

Kim Chiu became the latest victim of a dressing room robbery. (Photo via SunStar)

But what’s so surprising about the incident, according to Kim’ post, is that it was not the first time someone got robbed in the said dressing room leading some followers to speculate that someone familiar with the place must be behind the robberies. An employee, maybe?

“ok so my camera got stolen at the dressing room earlier… im probably one of those people na nanakawan sa dressing room na yun… there must be something in that dressing room 18! may God enlighten you kuya or ate… hay…..” Kim Chiu said on Twitter.

Is there no CCTV camera outside the dressing room? If this was not the first time a robbery has occurred, a CCTV camera should be in place to prevent another occurrence, some fans suggested. Others said someone, a PA probably, should watch over artists’ things.

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