Published: Tuesday 02 January, 2018

Inside Kris Aquino’s New House: WATCH Kris & Bimby’s Home Tour Video

It was not long ago when Kris Aquino moved into her new house – her dream house that she shares with her two sons Josh and Bimby. We have seen dozens of photos of the new house but, this time, Kris and Bimby take us on a home tour.

Kris Aquino house

Bimby and Kris Aquino yake a home tour of their new house. (Screen grab YouTube/The Aquinos)

Starting with their front door, Kris Aquino said she was glad Josh and Bimby allowed her to have a pink front door in her favorite shade. Upon entering, we are greeted with a number of paintings two of which are portraits of her late mother, former president Cory Aquino. Others are from her personal collection of Malang paintings.

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Over the next three videos, Kris and Bimby tour the expansive house – from the living areas, bedrooms, the luxurious bathroom of Kris filled with all the products that she uses, and the.massive, well-appointed  kitchen.

All we can say is ‘Wow!’. The house must have cost a fortune!

But sometimes during the home tour, one can’t help but think that this was a commercial for PLDT Fibr. Kris Aquino kept praising the service and coverage of PLDT Fibr every time she gets the opportunity.