Published: Saturday 07 April, 2018

LOOK Maine Mendoza & Juancho Triviño on a ‘Date’ at LANY Concert?

Maine Mendoza was one of the celebrities spotted at the 2018 LANY concert at the Araneta Coliseum. Maine was seen with Juancho Triviño. Was it a date? Were Maine Mendoza and Juancho Triviño on a date at the LANY concert?

Yes, it was a date. But, most probably, it was a friendly date as they were not alone. According to some social media posts, Maine was with a group of friends and not only with Juancho Triviño. Meanwhile, according to PEP, that group of friends was Maine’s college friends.

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We know what will happen next, right? Most likely, Juancho will now start receiving threats from some AlDub fans. He will be bashed because he was seen on a friendly date with Maine Mendoza. This is what usually happens when other guys are linked to Maine.

Remember Jake Ejecrcito and what happened to him on social media after he was linked to Maine? Well, this time, Juancho Trivino will likely suffer the same fate from possessive AlDub fans.

Let’s wait and see.

PHOTOS: Maine Mendoza and Juancho Trivino at LANY Concert

UPDATE: According to some AlDub fans, Maine and Juancho were NOT together at the LANY concert. Maine was with her friends and Juancho was with his own group. It just so happened that they were snapped together in the same photo.

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